World Book Day 2022


6th March 2022

Books came to life as part of our World Book Day celebrations in school on Thursday!
The children shared their favourite stories, took on the role of their favourite characters and we dived deep into books all day long.
Mr McDonagh invented a special story in assembly that included some rather familiar characters!  The children even got to vote on what happened next.
Year 1 became book critics to support their friends, Miss Bishop shared her love of reading with Year 2 with her favourite book, then introduced the class to a new book, "Love Is...".  The children were so inspired by its message, they used watercolours to paint their favourite animal and added their own "Love is..." message.
Reception sequenced the story of the Little Red Hen and learnt the actions to re-tell the story.
Year 3 read extracts from their books and talked about why they had chosen that character to dress up as and Year 4 took part in a book scavenger hunt and made special book marks!