Science Week 2022


19th March 2022

We had a school full of scientists at Hanbury this week, as we all enjoyed experimenting, investigating and exploring "growth".
A host of visitors came in to talk about the work they do, alongside the awesome activities that everyone got to take part in.  Engineers, farmers and biologists inspired us by showing us how we can make an exciting career out of science.  They even brought in some of the equipment they use every day for us to try - a huge tractor took up most of our car park, whilst we looked at tiny cells through a very powerful microscope.
Live lessons courtesy of the NFU also taught us about life cycles, oceans and microhabitats.  (Who knew that there was life in cow poo?!) and we all made our own terrarium after a fascinating demonstration by Ben, a top local expert!  Sunflower, radish and lettuce seeds were planted - some of us even managed to "grow" a gummy bear!
Children and staff immersed themselves in the week by dressing up in science themed costumes; classes were full of mini-scientists in lab coats, fruit and veg and even an astronaut!
The highlight of the week was a day of experiments organised by teaching staff.  Each class got to try 5 different activities; planting a seed-head, engineering a pasta tower, making a rainbow walk, transforming custard into ice cream and - the messiest of all - walking on eggshells to test their strength!
"Taking a week off timetable to explore part of the curriculum in such an exciting way has a real impact on the children," said Science Coordinator, Rachel Guest.  "I wouldn't be surprised if this year's Christmas lists include microscopes or giant tractors!
"A huge amount of work has gone into making this year's Science Week one of the very best," she added.  "It has been wonderful hearing so many questions being asked, seeing the determination and watching the reactions on the faces of everyone who has taken part.
"Who knows where this experience will take them?"