What a Wonderful World!


February 2023

3rd February 2023

The children at Hanbury C of E First School discovered our world is diverse, unique and wonderful after a week-long programme of lessons and activities!  

They immersed themselves in a range of different cultures, traditions and religions, welcoming visitors and quizzing school staff, with a particular focus on Mutual Respect, Tolerance of Culture and Religion and Individual Liberty – 3 of 5 British Values. 

Each year group explored a different continent, with classes exploring the art, culture, history, religion and geography of eachThis included Reception trying out their chopstick skills and Year 1 playing African drums.  Australia was the destination for Year 2, who were fascinated by Aboriginal Dreamtime stories and created cave paintings using traditional techniques. 

Year 3 took a closer look at South America, sewing animal hand puppets, whilst Year 4 delved into the meaning of “Brexit” before learning about then attempting to recreate the artwork of Vincent van Gogh. 

Outside of the classroom activities, every pupil got to learn more about the Pakistani culture of Mrs Mubeen who is part of the Hanbury Wraparound TeamChildren were given the opportunity to try on traditional clothes, learn about special celebrations, taste delicious snacks and as a Muslim, she helped everyone to understand lots more about the religion of Islam. 

Mr Parmley put everyone through their paces as the black-belt teacher led children and teachers alike in karate lessons Moves of a different kind were taught by Sohan Kailey who is a fantastic Bollywood Dance teacher. 

“Each of our visitors were representing very different cultures, but the value of respect ran through the whole week,” said Headteacher, Aaron McDonagh. 

“That might be by respecting your opponent in karate, creating a dance for all your friends to perform, or living out shared values alongside others of different religions. 

“When we came together as a school at the end of the week, it was clear that the children had really enjoyed their whistle-stop tour around the planet and had gained a real appreciation of its beauty and diversity,” he added.  I hope it has inspired them go out into the world and make a real difference!”