Year Three

Welcome to the Year Three class page!

Ms Moseley-Downton is the teacher for Year 3, with lots of support from Teaching Assistants, Mrs Williams, Mrs Towler and Mrs Pritchard.

We have Literacy and Numeracy lessons at least four times a week and work hard to apply the phonics we have learnt in previous years as well as juggling the demands of the Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling (GPS) curriculum.  We enjoy looking at non-fiction and narrative works, and are keen to learn from established authors to make our writing better. 

In Numeracy, we follow the Big Maths initiative which gives a very structured approach to mental calculation.  We all try hard in our 'Beat That' rapid-recall tests on a Friday. 

During the year, we learn about the world around us beneath a topic umbrella.  Our first topic is Britain in the Stone Age where we find out about settlements and how the ancient people survived in the harsh environment that was Prehistoric Britain.  Following this, as springtime is just around the corner, we look at The Natural World and how it has influenced the Arts in particular.

During the Summer term, we discover what life was like in Britain under Roman occupation; being so close to Droitwich and Worcester means the children can learn about the Romans in real situations that mean something to them. After all, Hanbury is on the line of a Roman Road! 

Physical Education is a highly important area of our curriculum and the children have two quality hours of tuition a week ranging from Dance to Gymnastics, Games and Athletics.  In the Summer term, we take swimming lessons with Y4, learning an important life-skill as well as lots of fun. 

Throughout the year, we take our learning outside the classroom and get properly back to nature with a session around school or at our Forest School site.  Sometimes we venture further afield and explore the parkland around Hanbury Hall. 

As a Church School, we work hard to maintain close links with Hanbury Church and enjoy taking part in termly services at church, as well as Open the Book assemblies in school.

We work hard to follow our Core Christian Values and are learning how the life of Jesus can teach us about Friendship, Respect, Endurance, Forgiveness, Kindness and Compassion, and Trust.