Funky Bible Gang do... FRIENDSHIP!


27th October 2021

We were treated to a fantastic display by the Hanbury Funky Bible Gang - a group of Year 4 pupils who work alongside Mrs Mills to lead our Worship at special times throughout the year.
During the special presentation they had written themselves, the children introduced us all to the Friendship Bench! 
The first Hanbury Christian Value this year is Friendship, so after teaching us how friendship can help us all, they acted out a scene from the playground when the Friendship Bench can help.  If any of us feel like we need a friend, it is the place to go.  Whenever we see someone sitting there, we can go and say hello and see if they want to play with us!
They ended our Worship with a lovely song which we all joined in with!  We can't wait to see their second production next term!