Year 4 Push the Boat Out!


January 2022

15th January 2022

Year 4 really pushed the boat out as part of their VIking topic work last week!

After careful research, planning and collecting materials, the children worked in groups to construct their very own Longboats.

A day of construction was followed by "test-floats" on Wednesday.  To meet the design criteria, they had to float, balance, be watertight and hold 10 Playmobil Viking sailors for 30 seconds.  As Hanbury is situated so far away from the sea, Reception Class offered their water-play tank instead!

"We were all delighted to see that every boat stayed afloat!" said Year 4 Teacher, Lynn Ball.

"The children obviously took their research seriously as some are still in pristine condition." she added.  "Unfortunately, some began to take on water once the sailors came aboard, so they may need a trip to the boat yard before they set sail again!"