COVID-19 Update


6th November 2021

Mr McDonagh has announced with regret that this year's Christmas Fayre will not take place on 4th December as hoped, due to continuing concerns about inviting large numbers of people into school.
"We are seeing a rise in the number of COVID-19 cases across school. These positive cases are affecting both children and staff," he said.
"School is no longer responsible for the test, track and trace of close contacts so you won’t be contacted by school if there is a positive case within the class or school. We will update all parents if we reach the threshold for an outbreak in school or when we feel it is appropriate."
He reminded everyone that we continue to live in a global pandemic and asked everyone to support school in trying to ensure that we do not get to the point we reach the threshold:
"If this were to happen, as part of our outbreak management plan, we would return to a bubble structure in school.
"If any member of your close family tests positive, I would urge you to get all members of your household PCR tested as per government guidance. We are also seeing an increase in the number of positive cases where the cases don’t exhibit the main symptoms, these include colds and headaches. Again, I would urge you to arrange a PCR test if you have any doubts about the possibility of the potential illness being COVID-19.
Mr McDonagh also reminded parents and carers to continue to socially distance when dropping off and collecting their child at school. 
Speaking about the Christmas Fayre, he said:
"We are unable to find an acceptable level of risk by having such large numbers of our school community walking throughout school in such close proximity to others. Friends will still be running a raffle and are to look at alternative fundraising activities."
There is more hope that the Reception and Year 2 will be able to stage their Nativity plays:
"The hall will be at reduced capacity and we will ask all attending (who are medically able) to wear a mask."