Healthy Minds Matter at Hanbury


February 2022

12th February 2022

We’ve focused on fitness of a different kind this week, learning ways to keep our minds as healthy as our bodies.

Wellbeing Week has given us all time to explore our emotions, recognising how they make us feel, how we might see them in our friends and what we can do to manage and support ourselves and others.

A host of activities proposed by Year 4 have been a real hit with everyone.  Wellbeing Walks have taken us up hills, over stiles, and into church; accompanied by sausage sandwiches and hot chocolate!

Lavender bags, stress balls and tasty treats have been on the menu, affirmation mirrors and inner/outer self artwork has been created.  A “dress to express” and pyjama day was another way to think about how we can show the world who we are and to feel comfy and cosy sometimes!

We all had a go at designing hot air balloons, putting us in the basket and surrounding it with the names of everyone who “lifts us up” in our lives.  A relaxing NinjaYoga session for every class stretched our bodies and relaxed our minds throughout the week too.

The week ended with a visit from Merlin the Sprocker, who reminded us that it’s not just people who help us feel happy or calm.  He was such a good boy, greeting us all in the morning and visiting our classrooms, so Mr McDonagh awarded him this week’s winner of his Head Teacher Award!

The School’s Wellbeing Crew – a team of Year 3 and 4 pupils who promote healthy minds amongst their schoolmates throughout the year – produced a video to highlight Wellbeing Week and organised a healthy snack competition. A very thorough taste testing session didn’t make choosing the winners any easier, but after lots of attempts they came to a final decision.

Congratulations to Winners, Martha and Nora and Runners Up, George, Henry, Joseph and Mrs Harper!

“It is essential for everyone to have a strong sense of self,” said Miss Bishop, Hanbury’s Mental Health Lead and Special Educational Needs Coordinator.

“Our wish is for children to be emotionally literate and resilient as they grow.  This week we have equipped the children with a few tools to help them cope with the challenges of life but that won’t stop here; we’ll maintain this kind of support throughout their time at Hanbury.”

You can see some of the video our wonderful Wellbeing Champions produced below.  They used the emotions the Colour Monster feels to interview friends and grownups about the way emotions affect them.