Eco Council Become a #ForceForNature!


March 2022

5th March 2022

Children at Hanbury C of E First School showed that they are force for nature in their community by planting a new mini-orchard and hedgerow in and around their grounds.

Eco Council received an orchard pack from The Tree Council’s Orchards for Schools initiative. The scheme, which offers free orchard and fruiting hedgerow packs to schools around the country, is inspiring teachers and pupils to get outdoors, plant and care for fruit trees and hedges.

Each class’ Eco Councillors planted an apple, pear or plum tree along the pathway into school on Friday and have coordinated planting over 10 metres of hedgerow around the playground.

“Our school vision is ‘Flourishing Through Love and Nurture’” said Eco Council Coordinator and Year 1 Teaching Assistant, Carys Adams.  “What better way to explore this than by providing the children with the chance to nurture their own orchard, which we hope will bear fruit as the years pass.”

The planting will also contribute to the Queen’s Jubilee Green Canopy project and is another step towards Eco Council’s application for an Eco Schools Green Flag.

“As a rural school, we make the most of our outdoor spaces as much as possible,” added Mrs Adams.  “Recently we have also been keen to bring the outdoors in, transforming our entire building into a more natural and sustainable learning environment.”

Sara Lom, CEO, The Tree Council, said: “We know that young people are an inspirational force for nature. The Orchards for Schools programme allows young people to plant fruit-bearing, wildlife-enhancing, carbon-storing orchard or fruiting hedgerow, a lasting and leafy legacy for their school!

“In what has been a very challenging year, the project allows young people to re-connect to nature and each other, and to share what they have learnt about the amazing power of trees.”

The determined members of Hanbury Eco Council have no interest in resting on their laurels and have lots of planting plans for the future… we’ll keep you posted!