At Hanbury CE First School, reading has the highest of priorities to ensure that children can access all areas of the curriculum and become lifelong readers. Being a good reader offers children the excitement of being able to escape into a good book, the vocabulary and craft to construct their own writing and stories as well as being the key to unlocking all areas of their lives. We are well resourced with books across our reading scheme to meet the interest and ability of all our readers.
Please follow the links to useful resources. This includes our reading spine which shows which rich texts inform our writing lessons.
Children enjoy developing their Language Comprehension and Word Recognition through our reading. As children have now developed fluency for reading there is a focus on understanding the texts. Whole Class reading sessions are delivered through the following four elements:
Book Talk- The ability to talk about books and their content, making connections and demonstrating understanding
Vocabulary Activation- The development of vocabulary and word choice
Reading Aloud- Reading with meaning and expression
Recording- Modelled or independent recording of answers to questions or tasks 
Developing a positive culture of reading at home will support children developing lifelong positive attitudes towards reading. Reading with children regularly and asking questions about the book they are reading will consolidate and deepen their learning. Foster a continued interest in reading by visiting your local library and bookshop regularly, modelling good reading habits including discussions about books you have read.