David Morris Day: Saints

1st March 2021
Our school and home learners have had a wonderful day learning about Saints today.  We all heard from Reverend Morris via a whole school Zoom assembly this morning, where we thought about what makes someone special and the names of the patron saints of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.
Throughout the day we completed activities about these and other saints, including writing, art and crafts.

Year 4 focussed on the life of Mother Teresa.  The activities included drawing our Hanbury hand and evidencing where she lived out our values. 

The children in school and at home also researched her life, watched a video clip about it and children tasked to write or conduct an interview as if she was here. There were lots of brilliant questions and the children had to answer as though they were Mother Teresa themselves.

The children looked at Mother Teresa's quotations, explaining them, saying why they liked them and put them into inspirational posters.

Year 2 learned about St Andrew and why he is the Patron Saint of Scotland (did you also know that he is the Patron Saint of people with sore throats too?  Neither did we!).  They read about the way he followed Jesus and helped him perform miracles.  His love for Jesus was so great that he did not feel worthy when his enemies told he was to be hung from a cross.  He asked for the cross to be put on its side (hence the Saltaire on the Scottish flag).