Firefighters Visit Ignites Interest!

30th January 2020
Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 enjoyed and exciting morning testing out a real fire engine yesterday, thanks to firefighters from Redditch Fire Station.
Crew Commander (and Dad to 2 pupils at Hanbury!) Lee Smith and his colleagues showed the children the engine, before inviting them to have a go spraying the hoses!
The visit was tied-in to Reception's current RE topic about people who help us in the community, whilst Year 2 have been learning about the Great Fire of London.
"Earlier this year we staged our own mini-Great Fire of London to see how and why the fire spread across the city so quickly," said Year 2 Teacher, Miss Bishop.
"We've also compared firefighting in 1666 to the current methods, so seeing a real fire engine, having a go with the hoses and our earlier experiment has really brought our topic work to life!"
Reception have already enjoyed visits from lots of people from the local community.  They have been joined by medical experts, pilots and followed up on yesterday's visit my meeting a police officer in the afternoon.  They thanked our visitors by giving them a card and some flowers they have been growing.