Reception News: 13th February 2020

13th February 2020
Star of the Week:  Albert
Writer of the Week:  Emilia
Rocking Reader:  Oliver
Mathematician of the Week:  Harry S
Values Champion:  Harry F
Forest School:  This week we enjoyed making clay models, sawing and drilling, making dens and the rope bridge! It was cold, with ice on the puddles, so please remember to put lots of layers on your child.
Maths:  Number and place value, numbers to 10 counting to 6,7 and 8

We encouraged the children to think about where we see six, seven, and eight in every day life and to make collections of six, seven and eight objects in the classroom.

How many legs does a ladybird have? How many spots? Use counters to add six spots to the other ladybirds. Can you find more than one way to do it?  How many colours do you see in the rainbow? Can you make a rainbow using objects around the classroom? How many colours did you use?

We sorted items into six, seven and eight how else could you show six, seven and eight?

We also provided the children with a range of loose parts such as buttons, beads, pebbles, shells and some tens frames. I asked them to count six, seven, and eight items onto the 10 frames. Which 10 frames show six? Which show eight? Can they see without counting? Can you arrange the numbers in different ways on your tens frames?
We are all working on forming our numbers 1-10 correctly.
Phonics:  We are now recapping Phase 3 digraphs and trigraphs reading and writing these in words. They are: ai ar ch ee er ng oa oi oo or ow oo qu sh th ur air ear igh ure. It is so lovely to see how the children are developing with their reading and writing with many moving up to the next book band and now working independently with their writing. We have also been working on reading and writing their 'Tricky Words' Phase 3: you, he, was, her, they, she, be, my, all, me, are, we.
Literacy:  In Reception we have had a very busy few weeks of solving crimes, saving vegetables and trapping Evil Peas! Supertato managed to catch all the peas, by getting them stuck in bowls of  'wibbly, wobbly, sticky and gloopy' jelly. Being stuck in the jelly made the peas think about their behaviour and guess what they turned good, so that we could gently pick them out using the tweezers safely. We are now experts at solving crimes and keeping the vegetable community safe. Be a good pea please! We decided he might not be such an Evil Pea if we wrote him a list of rules to follow on how to be a good pea.
Mother's Day Assembly:  We are going to be preparing a Mothers Day assembly for you all. Everyone will have something to say. I have put these in their bookbags. I would appreciate if you could have a look at these over half term, just so the children familiarise themselves with what they will be saying in the assembly. The children have got some lovely things planned for you.
Have a lovely half term with the family and I hope the children get lots of rest.