Reception News: 22nd May 2020

22nd May 2020

Home Learner of the Week: Martha

Another super week of home learning!  

Maths:  This week we have been exploring patterns. The children have been given the opportunities to explore pattern in a range of contexts including shapes, colours, sizes, actions and sounds both building them vertically and horizontally. The most important thing with maths is asking questions to dig deeper and get the children thinking more deeply. Can you carry on my pattern? Can you explain my pattern? Why does this shape not belong in my set? Can you find the mistake in my pattern? Can they articulate their thinking? Here are some of the online resources we have used to support patterns this week 

Literacy:  the children have been reading to their parents daily and sharpening their skills by visiting Oxford Owl for free eBooks that link to the child’s book band and completed the linked Play activities for each book. My Rising Stars, where I have allocate everyone 3 books for week that are linked to their current reading level. Although this weeks books are still in their band but they are a little bit trickier as they include some words that aren't decodable this is because the scheme progresses through each book band to ensure they are being challenged within their band. Thank you to everyone who has completed their allocated books - the school will be regularly looking at this so please do engage with it.  Reading is the most important thing at this age.

The children are continuing to consolidate their tricky words and reinforce those digraphs and trigraphs in a range of ways at home. With their writing they are remembering a capital letter at the start, finger spaces and using their robot arms to sound out words independently representing all the sounds they hear and a full stop at the end. The children are sounding out independently and phonetically to build up their independent writing for Year 1, which is so exciting to see!

We used the Small Talk​ website for ideas on supporting the children’s Communication and Language development.

The project this week aimed to provide opportunities for the children to learn more about celebrations. Learning focused on different types of celebrations that take place and who may celebrate them. Some children looked at how people celebrate different events differently in other parts of the world. 

Some of the activities we did:

Created a card for a celebration of their choice. Using their phonics knowledge to write a message for the person they would like to give it to.

Drawing a picture of a celebration they have taken part in. Using their phonics knowledge to write about their memory of that day.  

Learning the song ​‘On Bonfire Night’​ and encouraging the children to make marks to represent the sounds in the song e.g. whiz, whiz could be a swirling pattern.

Looking over a selection of photographs of family celebrations and discussions with your child: what the celebration was about, who attended, what you did to celebrate, when it took place, whether it is an event that happens each year. Can your child remember the event taking place? What do they remember of it?  

The children decided on a family celebration for the week (eg a family indoor picnic, meal, dance).  The children wrote invitations to family members to the party, created homemade decorations using coloured paper making paper chains and bunting and even planned a menu for the party and making the food together.  

Watched the Let’s Celebrate video collection for ​Easter, ​Eid-al-Fitr and other celebrations, discussing about them all. Did they celebrate any of these festivals? Which of the events did they take part in?  How did they celebrate? Are there any similarities and differences between the celebrations?

Birthdays​: Talking to your child about when they were born. Looking at photographs of the day they were born, if you have them available. Do they know the date of their birthday? Support your child to create an all about me folding book with their birth date, current age and anything else they think is important for people to know about them.

I am so impressed with how brilliantly you are all doing. Remember the best thing you can do is keep reading! Thank you for engaging.  Most importantly keep safe and well. Enjoy spending these precious moments with your family. I am missing you all lots!