Reception News: 24th January 2020

24th January 2020

Star of the Week: Pennie
Writer of the Week: Martha
Rocking Reader: Harry F
Mathematician of the Week: Zach
Values Champion: Ethan

Literacy: When we came into school today, we found that our poor veggies had been trapped by the Evil Pea! We knew it was him as he left us a note, which Mrs Ellis read out to the class.

The children were shocked, so this week they are writing a wanted poster about the Evil Pea and they are designing their own trap to capture him. Hopefully, if we catch him, he'll let the veggies go!

Phonics: the children are doing really well learning their digraphs we have almost learnt all of Phase 3 now. Please can you keep going over these at home so the children become familiar and confident with these. It will really help them with their reading and writing.

Maths:  Number bonds to 5. This week we provided the children with bricks of 2 different colours and set them the task to build a tower of 5. They were then given the chance to compare each other's towers. What is the same? What is different? What if we make towers of 4 cubes? 3 cubes? Can we find different ways to make towers of 2 cubes?
People who help us in the community: Is there a doctor in the school? Wow! What a fantastic morning we  had in Reception!

A special thanks goes to Dr Szuszman, Dr McLeod, Dr Chohan and Dr Parry. Between them we have enjoyed a morning of anatomy, emergency first aid, looking at healthy and unhealthy habits and using a range of medical equipment.  We can not thank them enough for giving up their time to spend with us. The children are still buzzing!
Ed the pilot kindly came in to class, and spoke to us about his job as a pilot. He showed us photos of the maps he uses to fly, which shows him the 'roads' in the sky. We saw photos of the different types of planes he has flown, and of the cockpits. We asked many questions and found out lots of information - such as what happens to an aeroplane if it gets hit by lightening. Ed left us with a map book to look at and headphones to try on in class.

Many thanks to Ed for taking the time to talk to us about being a pilot.