Reception News: 24th October 2019

24th October 2019
Star of the Week:  Emilia
Mathematician of the Week:  Josie
Writer of the Week:  Harry F
Rocking Reader:  Bellatrix
Values Champion (Friendship):  Molly
Maths:  We are focusing on the vocabulary for comparison: more than, equal to, fewer than, the same as. We provided the children opportunities to count two sets of identical objects and compare them.  How many are there is this group?  Which group has more?  Which group has fewer?  Are the groups equal?  How do you know?
I then showed them 3... can you show me more than 3?  Can you show me fewer than 3?  Can you show me an equal amount?  How do you know?
We have also been looking at sorting numbers.  The children were provided with a collection of numerals, pictures and dot patterns and were then asked how they could be sorted.
Literacy:  We have been continuing to write about our Owl babies!  In the deep, dark wood the owl babies could hear……… We have been encouraging the children to sound out the words independently and use a sound mat to help them form their letters correctly.  In phonics we are beginning to read and write our CVC words (consonant, 
vowel, consonant) words independently using our robot arms.  The children are getting really good at this now.  It is great to see their progress and confidence to work independently grow. 
Clay Owl Nests:  Thank you so much Martha's mummy for coming in and making owl nests with the children. They will all have made one by the end of the week and possibly an owl baby to go in it too.  I am totally amazed with the results!  Thank you also to all the parents who collected the bits to make our nests with, they look so cosy, I could fall asleep in them!
Bulbs:  This week we planted daffodil bulbs ready for Spring.  We showed the children how to plant them correctly and left them to do it independently. We discussed what half way meant with the compost. They absolutely loved it and spent over an hour planting! I just want to say a massive thank you to Cooks garden centre Stourport for donating all the bulbs, compost and pots for this experience. The children all agree the school will be looking brighter when the daffodils flower.
The Holy Trinity:  We had a fantastic assembly with Reverend Morris all about the Holy Trinity. We then had a Morning of activities all about the Trinity.  In Reception Class we each cut an apple in half to understand that God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit are 3 in 1.  The pips represent God the Holy Spirit because he helps us grow, the peel represents God the Father because he protects us and the flesh God the Son because Jesus is God made in the flesh.  We had the chopped apple for snack time and with the left over we made it into stewed apple and had it with our lunch.  Some of the children even had seconds, it was so delicious.  We then shared our work with the whole school in assembly.
I think the children deserve a well earned rest next week for half term.