Reception News: 26th September 2019

26th September 2019

Star of the Week: Caitlyn
Mathematician of the Week:  Sebastian
Writer of the Week:  Eloise
Rocking Reader:  Lilia
Values Champion (Friendship):  Albert

Four is a special number for many reception children at this time of the year, many of them are four years old. This helps to make four more relevant. This week the children continued to apply the counting principles when counting to four (forwards and backwards). They have been representing four in different ways and been counting out four objects from a larger group. The children had four pots of different items. I arranged them on a whiteboard. How many altogether? Can you make the same as me? I then hid the whiteboard and rearranged the items. How many are there now? Can you make the same as me? Do you need to get any more items from the basket? Children chose a number fish and then made a number matching numeral and quantity and asked me to match. 

We also listened to the story Washing Line by Jez Alborough linking to the book the children had their own washing line to hang items on. Can you count as you hang the items out to dry? How many items do you have altogether? Can you count them back into the basket? This activity was also good for their fine motor skills having to use pegs.

This week we created parking bays with the signs for 2 wheels, 3 wheels, 4 wheels and 5 wheels. The children had a ride around the playground when the whistle blew they had to go and match the vehicle to the correct bay then swap for another bike. We played this 4 times so the children could park all the bikes. It was also great for working on sharing and turn taking. It was great fun!

We have been practising our robot arms to blend a few of our familiar sounds this week. We are quickly picking this up. Ask your child to show you this at home, remember we blend the sounds back together at the end. 

This week we had the pleasure of being invited to meet Reverend Morris at the wonderful Hanbury Church. He set us lots of challenges such as counting all the crosses, finding the unicorn, dragon and the secret door, which was great fun. We learnt about why they had the secret door and what it was used for. Believe it or not it was for people with wooden legs to put their leg through! As the children were so super at church we decided to go the nearby field for a run around and see the local sheep before heading back. Thank you for our helpers for giving up their time to join us. :)

Another fantastic week of learning in Reception Class.