Reception News: 3rd October 2019

3rd October 2019
Star of the Week:  Harry S
Mathematician of the Week:  Henry
Writer of the Week:  Molly
Rocking Reader:  Amber
Values Champion (Friendship):  Mary
We went to the woods to explore first hand some of the words in our story of "Owl Babies".  We wanted to bring the story to life by letting the children experience the texture and smells of the story.  Our key words are: trunk, feathers, twigs, leaves, branch and ivy.
The children had a great time exploring Hanbury Woods to find the different objects. We decided to leave all our finding in the woods for the real owls to make their nests.
This week we had our first RE lesson all about the Creation.  We met our Christian puppets Tom and Tessa. We looked at the difference between jelly and jellyfish.  We asked ourselves the question "Can we make jellyfish out of jelly?"  We made a collage of a jelly fish, read the creation story and made jelly.  Today we are going to make jellyfish out of the jelly we made and put it in the water and see what happens....
Our number focus this week was 5. The children had a number hunt outside with buckets numbered 1 to 5. Can we put the right number of items in each bucket?  Can we take a bucket and go and find up to 5 items? This is to see if children are confident counting from a larger group and can match numeral to quantity. We counted forwards and backwards to 5. We used finger puppets on each finger to count five on one hand. The challenge was for children to look at my hand and subitise how many puppets there were.

The children wrote a number 5 on the cards we made for the children's fifth birthday and we put the correct number of candles on the cake for a fifth birthday.  Can we count them one by one?  How many were there altogether?  What else could we count out for a birthday party?  We took their ideas ready for our activity next week.

We also used a five frame to count out five objects from a larger group. How do you know there are five? Is the five frame full?
We have been acting out different songs this week. We provided the children with 5 ducks.  The children sang the song and acted out the movements and counted backwards from 5. They loved splashing in the water!
The children are doing really well with their phonics and we are well on our way to completing all our Phase 2 sounds by half term. This weeks letters have been 'o. c, k, ck and e' .