Reception News: 3rd October 2020

3rd October 2020

Star of the Week: Jacob
Mathematician of the Week: Felicity
Writer of the Week: Karielle
Rocking Reader: Harry
Values Champion (Friendship): Xander

We have had a wonderful start at Hanbury! Mrs Holman and Mrs Mol are very proud of how well the children have settled into school life.

After finding mystery footprints we introduced the children to their first topic story ‘The Enormous Turnip’. We have had lots of fun retelling the story, exploring colour whilst painting, setting up a vegetable market and making puppet shows. The children will be adapting the story to create their very own version of the story which they hope to perform on video for you all.

During our phonics sessions, we have been learning a new sound daily and we are now starting to help ‘Metal Mike’ to blend sounds to read and write words. The children have also been introduced to three ‘tricky words’ ‘the’, ‘I’ and ‘to’. They know that these words can not be sounded out.

Maths is always a great opportunity to use our problem-solving skills. It is important to us that the children have a deep understanding of number and concepts that they are using in maths. Therefore, we ask the children to help us solve daily maths problems involving real scenarios.

This week we have been sorting objects. The children are learning that collections of objects can be sorted into sets based on attributes such as colour, size or shape. Sorting enables the children to consider what is the same about all the objects and how they are different to the other sets. We have then extended the learning to consider the amounts in each set and amounts altogether, questioning different ways that number can be made.

Next week we are looking forward to celebrating Harvest and going on our first trip to visit Hanbury Church.