Reception News: 5th December 2019

5th December 2019

Star of the Week:  Henry
Rocking Reader:  Bleubelle
Writer of the Week:  Rosie
Mathematician of the Week:  Emilia
Values Champion:  Caitlyn

Maths: This weeks focus is one more. We created a bus route around the table. Starting with the driver on the bus we had different bus stops around the route where we added one more child to our bus.  The children were encouraged to say how many are on the bus altogether, noticing there is one more each time we stopped at a bus stop.

The children accessed this easily, to make it harder we went backwards exploring one less as the peoples got off the bus at the bus stops.

Using the plates the children had to show me a number. I then asked them to show me one more than that number. Then with their partner they had to make a number and see if their partner could find one more as a challenge.

The children went on to show me a number on the five frames. Can you show me one more? Using a number track underneath the five frame. Can you point to the number you made? Can you point to one more than the number?

It is the first time we have introduced the number track so we will do a bit more work on this. We are focusing on the language one more. So they will be able to say one more from any given number. They did a super job for the first time, well done Reception.

Space: We have been ordering the planets and designed our favorite planets. We have really enjoyed learning a solar system song.

Magnets: The children in Science have been learning about magnets. To link it into our topic we painted our own planets using paper clips and magnets. We put the paper clips in the paint and controlled it using a magnet underneath. The children were totally fascinated. We looked around the classroom and sorted magnetic and non magnetic items.

We have had another fabulous Forest School session weaving with wool and sticks. Well done for another busy week of learning.