Reception News: 7th November 2019

7th November 2019
Star of the Week:  Oliver
Mathematician of the Week:  Bellatrix
Writer of the Week:  Josie
Rocking Reader:  Emilia
Values Champion (Friendship):  Harry S
Our topic this half term is out of this world... Space!
We started off with a mysterious box, inside was our next book "Whatever Next", by Jill Murphy.  We read the story and noticed how Baby Bear used the box as a space rocket.  The children sat in the box and wrote about what they would use the box for and where they would go
On the front cover there is a picture of the moon's craters.  We explored this and looked at meteors crashing into the moons surface to create craters.  The children were fascinated with the craters so we made our own using different weighted balls (meteors) and dropping them into the flour (moon surface).  We then measured how deep the craters were and recorded our findings.  We had super fun experimenting!  See if the children can tell you all about how craters are made at home.
Number and place value:  We have been using numerals cards, number shapes, pictures and dots to match and compare.  We looked at dominoes I asked them to compare the spots on each side of the domino.  Are there the same, more or fewer dots?  Show me a domino that has equal amounts.
We are really focusing on the language so that children are secure with this before adding and subtracting. The next step for the children is to focus on 'equal' meaning "the same as".
The children have also been comparing identical objects.  When provided with number cards the children were asked to show fewer, the same or more than the number cards they have chosen using funny monsters.

Phonics:  We have been focusing on writing our CVC words independently, listening carefully to our  beginning, middle and end sounds.
PE:  We had our first PE session with our PE coach Stelissa doing stories through music and dance.   We had so much fun in this high energy class!  Most of the children did really well with getting changed for PE independently.  We are working hard to make sure we look after their clothes by putting them in our PE bag once we've taken them off, not leaving them on the floor and are trying hard with buttons.  As a first go I was really impressed, so please keep encouraging the independence at home so that it becomes easier for them at school.
We are so excited for our first Forest School session too!
Mrs Mills is so proud with how the children have come back after their first half term holidays. They have been super and slipped straight back into the school routine. Superstars!