Sunbeams News: 28th June 2020

28th June 2020
Sunbeams have had a really busy week. We learnt that double means 'twice as many'. We have used mirrors, numicon and dominoes to explore our doubles up to 10. This has helped us recap recording our numerals 11-20.
For literacy this week we have learnt about adjectives and how we can use these to improve our descriptions. We have been writing about caves and using our senses to help discuss what it would have been like for the bear. David Attenborough taught us that bears don't really live in caves, they live in dens.
Using our new found knowledge helped us to re-enact our bear hunt story with greater expressions - Mrs Ellis thinks we all make quite frightening bears!
In art this week, we have finished off our paper mache caves/dens ready for our clay bears to move in. We had to think about which habitat would be best for the type of bear we had chosen to create. We all agreed polar bears wouldn't live in a tree. We have also been creating bears using pebbles and natural resources alongside bear puppets.
Mrs Harper gave us a 'year 4 painting lesson' where we learnt how to paint a beautiful colourful picture using only one paintbrush. Apparently we have to wash the brush to stop mixing all the colours and ending with only brown paint. Who knew?
Mrs Ellis is really proud of all the sunbeams and how they have been able to consolidate their phase 3 phoneme and tricky word knowledge. Next week we will begin recapping phase 4.
We have ended our week with two very special treats; some ice lollies kindly sent in with one of our sunbems and some chocolate brioche as an extra special treat for filling our sunbeams for excellent choices and work throughout the week.
Well done sunbeams, another great week. See you on Monday.