Year 1 News: 11th January 2018

11th January 2018
Literacy:  We have started to think about recounts and have been learning verbs and time connectives to help us get ready for writing next week.
Letters and Sounds is going well - we are now moving through the trickier spellings.
Maths:  We have been busy doubling our numbers and solving problems.  We know that if you double something it means you add exactly the same again!  Miss Bishop likes to double her chocolate bars!
Topic:  Our new topic is animals and this week we thought about which animals belong in which groups.  Humans are mammals and we are very special.  We thought about a King Emperor penguin and tried to imagine what it would be like for the male penguin who has to look after the egg for two months.  We went on the playground to see if we could carry an egg for that long... we found it very tricky!