Year 1 News: 12th December 2019

12th December 2019
Star of the week: Betty
Mathematician of the week: Isabel
Rocking Reader: Thomas
Writer of the week: Jakob & Leon
Values Champion: Deniro
This week year 1 have been really busy finishing off our learning from our space topic. We have written our own version of our space race stories and they are really wonderful - it is so lovely to see how far the children have come in their writing this term, and many have achieved a 'best writing ever' yellow certificate for their books. The work the children are putting into learning their phonic sounds is really paying off and we can see how hard they are working at home as well as at school - well done and thankyou for your support with this, it really is making a difference! 
Writing: We have been writing our own version of a space race story. There have been tales of unicorns, dinosaurs, bunnies and crocodiles racing to build moon rockets and beat each other into space. Miss Dancer challenged everyone to remember their full stops and finger spaces, and was so impressed by how many children managed it. As well as our English lesson, we have also been wroking on writing in our learning journeys this week. We have learned about the real astronauts who raced to build rockets and reach the moon 50 years ago. We wrote lists of things we would have taken with us, and what we would have done first if we were them.
Art: We have been using our observational drawing skills to look at photos from the moon landings. The children have all managed to carefully cut out and arrange the pieces of a photo - when we had put it back together it turned out to be a portrait of Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon. We are now using sketching pencils to draw black and white portraits of him on the moon, just like the photos Buzz took in 1969. 
Reading: We have more children who have moved up a level in their reading colour bands this week - fantastic! We are well on track to meet our target of everyone moving up at least one from September to Christmas! Mrs Botrill, one of our governors comes in each week to hear readers and has noticed how well the children are doing, as well as Mr Payne who has also come to listen to some of the children this week. Well done everyone!