Year 1 News: 13th February 2020

13th February 2020
Star of the Week: Lorianna
Rocking Reader: Jakob
Mathematician of the Week: Freddie
Writer of the Week: Deniro
Values Champion: Hollie
Year 1 have had a great end to their first half term of 2020! This week we have been finishing off our work on the Arctic and North pole, ready to move on to the South pole after half term. 
Art: We had an 'Arctic Art' day on Wednesday and the children spent time doing lots of polar inspired arty activities. We looked at pictures of 'Inukshuk' stone sculptures made by the Inuit people of North America. The children used rocks and wood to build their own Inukshuk statues. When they had made them they used more of the stones to build fireplaces and even some igloos! Inside the classroom we used clay to make 'spirit animal' figures. The children thought about which characteristics of the animals would be most useful to have and chose their animals carefully. It seems we have a lot of children who want to share some characteristics of a narwhal - the 'unicorn of the sea' as one child put it!  We also worked together to create a large class mural showing all the things we have learned so far in our topic. We used a variety of media to make the picture - chalk, pastels, crayons, pencils and watercolours. The resulting piece is beautiful and we have it up on our display board. 
English: We have been putting all our new Arctic expertise to good use this week writing some non fiction pieces about life in the Arctic. The children have made Arctic fact files using subheadings to organise their work into different topics. They have all been working hard to remember their capital letters and full stops. They have also finished writing their Polar bear stories this week. 
Maths: We have started to work with larger numbers in class now, and this week we started to find out about tens and ones (we don't say 'units' anymore!). The children have been practising grouping objects into sets of ten, and then counting these 10, 20, 30, 40 etc. We Then count on any 'extras' we need that don't fit into our groups of ten. Remembering when to count in tens and when to count in ones is tricky but the children have done really well with it - we are going to keep coming back to this skills for the rest of the year to make sure everyone is secure with it.