Year 1 News: 24th November 2019

24th October 2019
Star of the Week: Lorianna
Writer of the Week:  Holly
Rocking Reader: Archie
Mathematician of the Week:  Jack
Values Champion:  Thomas
Year 1 have a had a busy and exciting week to finish off their first half term. Miss Dancer and Mrs Larner are so proud of how hard the children have worked since they started back in September and the progress they are all making in their work.  We were sad to say goodbye to Josh, but are sure he will love his new school!
This week the children have been learning to retell the story of Funnybones all by themselves. First we made a storymap with all the important parts of the story on it, then we started to retell the story, adding actions as we went along. Very soon the children were working together to retell the whole story. We noticed how there were lots of parts of it that repeated, especially the description of places as 'dark, dark'. When the children were all confident retelling the story with the storymap they were able to write their own version of it in their English books. We have been learning about fingerspaces and full stops this half term and may of the children were able to remember to use these in their writing. Fantastic work Year 1! 
We have been busy recapping all our phase 2 and 3 sounds this half term. We are all getting very good at reading the sounds and reading short words made from these sounds. Miss Dancer is now challenging us to write simple sentences with the sounds. Every morning this week we have had to listen very carefully to her sentence and try to write it down on our boards. Our favourite one so far has been 'At night it is not light'.
This week we have continued our work on addition and number sentences. Now that we are all getting good at building number sentences and writing them in our books, we have begun to think about our number bonds. These are pairs of numbers that add up to the same answer. We started to find our number bonds to 5, and the to ten. We soon realised that it is best to use a system to help us prove we have found them all. We learned that this is called working systematically. We have been practicing working systematically to solve our maths challenges this week. 
Reverend Morris came in on Monday to talk to us about the Holy Trinity and how God is a trinity - He is three things united as one. We thought about how each of us can be more than one thing - we are each a son/daughter, a pupil and a friend. We made stained glass windows in three parts to show the three parts of God, united as one. We also completed our RE unit 'What is God like?' this week by thinking about how God can be described as a gift giver. 
This week were sad to say goodbye to Mel from Stellisssa who has been teaching us our PE lessons every Thursday this half term. After the holiday she will be working with Reception class and we will have Mrs Tandy on a Monday afternoon instead. We also went to Bromsgrove School this week to take part in the Multiskills festival. The children behaved fantastically well and all took part in the sessions with confidence and enthusiasm. Well done everybody!
Learning Journey:
To finish off our work for the topic 'ourselves' we have been learning about where we live and making a map to show where our house is and how we get to school.  We have been using the Beebots to give directions around the dark dark town and have enjoyed turning our tuff spot into a town map. 
We hope all the children have a restful and relaxing half term and look forward to seeing you all back again in November to being our new topic 'A Galaxy Far, Far Away!'