Year 1 News: 26th April 2018

26th April 2018

Star of the Week:  Evie P
Mathematician of the Week:  Layla
Writer of the Week:  Seb
Values Champion:  Logan

It has been a busy start to the Summer term in Year 1. Miss Bishop is amazed at how much work we have done already!

Literacy:  We have been investigating instructions and how they can tell us what to do. We have looked at which time connectives are used and a special type of verb called a command verb. Next week, we are going to try and write our own instructions. 

Numeracy:  Miss Bishop thinks our numeracy is AMAZING! We have started to investigate multiplication. We have bee counting in groups and organising objects to make them easier to count. We have been practicing and applying our skills and we are getting really confident. BIG thumbs up. 

Topic:  Our new topic is all around the world. We are looking at our country and different countries we have been to. Within this, we will be investigating the weather and climate, food that may be eaten and houses they live in. 

We are very lucky to be experiencing Tai Chi lessons as part of our PE. We are working hard to balance and move our bodies in different ways. We are also learning about China, which is where Tai Chi originates from. 

Finally, we would like to welcome Sian Chaloner to our class. We hope she feels happy and welcome in Year 1.