Year 1 News: 3rd May 2018

3rd May 2018

Star of the Week:  Joshua
Mathematician of the Week:  Isabel
Writer of the Week:  Mia
Values Champion:  Lily-Mae

Another busy week for Year 1!

Literacy:  We have carried on thinking about instructions and this week we have tried writing our own. We have tried to instruct somebody to draw a fish.  We have worked hard to remember our time connectives (first, next, then...) and add some relevant detail to our sentences.

Numeracy:  Our numeracy just keeps getting better and better.  This week, we have taken our first steps towards dividing.  We have been making equal groups and sharing equally between 2, 5 and 10.  We are becoming more and more confident and some of us are trying to use mental methods rather than objects.

Topic:  We are continuing our journey around the world and this week we went to the Rainforest in Brazil.  We used an atlas to find out where Brazil was and discovered that it was in South America.  I wonder where we will go next week...?

We have also been keeping a log of the weather this week to see how it is different to the weather in winter! It has been raining! ALOT!