Year 1 News: 6th December 2018

6th December 2018
Star of the Week:  Brooklyn
Mathematician of the Week:  Vincent  
Writer of the Week:  Darcy
Values Champion:  Toby
Wow... what a lot we've packed into just one week!
Miss Bishop was very proud of us all for our performances of 'The Christmas Story' this week.  We showed our school friends on Monday, then for 2 evenings in a row, we sang and performed our lines really well.  We only had 2 weeks of rehearsals but worked hard to remember our lines and to say them as loud as we could.
We have also been in the audience this week... we loved watching our friends in Reception perform their first ever Nativity, then went to see Maid Marian and Her Merry Men at The Swan Theatre in Worcester ("Oh yes we did!").
We are ending the week with a super science experiment, finding out about what material would be the best for our explorer to use to make sure their clothes to keep them really warm.