Year 1 News: 6th February 2020

6th February 2020
Star of the Week: Celine
Rocking Reader: Molly
Mathematician of the Week: Betty
Writer of the Week: Harrison
Values Champion: Isabel
First of all, I'd like to congratulate all the children for their fantastic performance in our class assembly this week. We didn't begin work on it until Monday afternoon, and I am so impressed by how well the children learned their lines and how keen they were to put on a lovely show. They explained all about this term's value of Endurance to all the other children and our guest audience!
The song and dancing were also fantastic - very well done to all involved, and many thanks to all of the parents for supporting the learning at home, and coming in to watch on Thursday morning. 
English: This week we have written our own polar bear stories, following the same language pattern that the children learned in the class story. The children have also been writing about ways they can show endurance. The children are becoming so confident in their writing and it is lovely to see them using their sound mats independently to find the sounds they need for their work. 
Phonics: This week we have looked at some letter blends, a useful skill alongside phonics teaching which helps children to learn the common spelling patterns of our language. We have focused on the /ul/ sound that is heard at the end of words such as 'bottle', 'camel', and 'metal'. We learned that it is almost always the 'le' blend that is used, so that is the 'best bet' when you are writing a word. Sometimes it can be 'al' but not very often so we should save that for when we know its a tricky word. The 'el' ending is used when the word has and M N R V or W immediately before the ending. We learned rhyme to help us remember "Most Nuns Run Very Well" and watched a funny video clip to help us:  click here if you want to watch it at home!