Year 1 News: 7th November 2019

7th November 2019
Star of the Week: Jack
Writer of the Week: George
Reader of the Week: Isabel
Mathematician of the Week: Jakob
Values Champion: Celine
Year 1 have had a brilliant first week back. They have all come back ready to learn and it is great to see how many of them have been practicing their reading and letter formation over the holiday. We have also really enjoyed seeing so many lovely rocket models come into school - well done everyone! There is still plenty of time to build your rocket if you haven't done it yet.
English: We have started work on our new text - 'The First Hippo on the Moon' by David Walliams. We have been reading the story and writing descriptions of the main characters in our books. They both say they like to 'dream big' so we thought about what dreams we have too.  In phonics we have started to look at our alternative sounds. This week we started looking at the different ways to make 'ay' and learning the rules to go with each version. 
Maths: We have been working on our number bonds to ten this week. We started by working systematically to find all the bonds, then moved on to playing matching games with the pairs of numbers. After that we started looking for the 'odd bond out' and proving we have made the right choice by making models with counters and tens frames. 
Geography: We finished off our work on 'Marvellous me!' by making maps of Hanbury Village. We added a key to explain what all our symbols meant and thought about which directions we would have to go in to find each place on our map. In our free choice time this week we have been playing with the BeeBot robots and making them move around a map of our town. 
Art: We have been thinking about what the planets look like and making models of them out of plasticine. We also used the chalk pastels to make pictures of the sky at night. We tried to blend the chalks to make galaxies and planets, and looked at how the milky way swirls across in between Mars and Jupiter.