Year 2 News: 11th January 2019

11th January 2019
Year 2 have packed lots into our first week of 2019!
We have enjoyed 2 RealPE lessons where the children are encouraged to challenge themselves and support each other as part of the fun activities.  They are also given the chance to assess their own performance at the end of the lesson and think of their own targets to improve next time!
In Maths we found out that 1000g are the same as 1kg and had lots of fun weighing different amounts of pasta.  Some of us used the different scales to work out lots of different weights, then put them in order from lightest to heaviest.
We have been adding '-er' and '-est' to our adjectives this week by thinking about the sounds we can hear in the root word.  We have to listen for a short vowel and then look at the consonants at the end of the word before deciding how to spell our new word.  We can then use them in comparative sentences like:  "The ruler is thin, the pen is thinner but the pencil is thinnest".
We have also read what we thought was a traditional Fairy Tale about a Prince, Princess and a Dragon... but it didn't quite follow the normal pattern we would expect!  We thought about the kind of characters we usually meet in Fairy Tales... Princes who love dancing and Dragons who knit were not on our list!
We have seen some great scores in Big Maths-Beat That!  Well done to Max and Harry R who have moved onto their next Big Maths challenge sheet.  We have sent this week's sheets home so the children can pick a couple of calculations to work on at home.
There's more...!  We also started our new topic about our wonderful world by looking at a map of the world and labelling the oceans and continents.  We enjoyed watching part of a documentary presented by David Attenborough called Blue Planet and can't wait to learn more about the world we live in!
We have also sent letters home to let you know if your child is missing any items from their PE kit.  Sometimes items can be forgotten, whilst pumps can get too small very quickly!  With the weather as it is, we want to make sure everyone can participate in the outdoor lessons in the correct kit - thank you very much for your support with this.