Year 2 News: 12th September 2019

12th September 2019
Year 2 have returned full of enthusiasm after the long summer break.  We are working hard to get into our new routine and to show how we are willing to tackle anything Miss Bishop gives us to do!
Numeracy:  we reminded ourselves about place value and how we can partition a 2-digit number into tens and ones.  Some of us found lots and lots of ways to make a number.  We all enjoyed using the maths boxes when Miss Bishop asked us to use the equipment to represent numbers too!
Literacy:  we met a little sausage dog called Dumpling in our story this week.  We used the text to work out what she was like and found Dick King-Smith had used lots of nouns and verbs.  We also found contractions, where two words had been squashed into one, using an apostrophe to show some letters were missing.
Learning Journey:  we have been very excited to dig into our new topic - the Great Fire of London.  We've already found out lots of facts from different sources.  We thought about if the sources were primary or secondary.  We also compared London in 1666 to what it is like now.
PE:  We enjoyed our first Real PE lesson with Mrs Ball on Wednesday, when we came up with lots of ways to play Rock, Paper, Scissors on a grand scale!
Reading:  lots of us have been able to share a book with a grown-up to show how wonderfully we can read.  Regular reading is so important so keep finding a little bit of time at home to enjoy a book together... it works wonders!