Year 2 News: 13th February 2020

13th February 2020
Star of the Week:  Ben
Mathematician of the Week:  Alex
Writer of the Week:  Evie
Rocking Reader:  Nora
Values Champion:  Holly
Literacy:  We have finished off our focus on Fantastic Mr Fox by writing a narrative from his point of view.  We have thought about what he would say next after the ending of the book... how he would explain to all the animals where they are going to stay and what is the plan for living together.  Some of us showed wrote in the style of Roald Dahl whilst others came up with ways to show that Mr Fox was indeed rather cocky!
Numeracy:  We have been dividing by 5 and 10 this week - some of us are using our times tables to do this really quickly!  We are so good at it, Miss Bishop almost ran out of problems for us to solve... but she found some even more challenging ones fo us to tackle!
Geography:  Our destination was North America this week, specifically the USA.  We heard about famous landmarks like the Golden Gate Bridge, Mount Rushmore and the Statue of Liberty.  Did you know the statue is also known as "Lady Liberty"?  We do now!
Science:  We thought about different kinds of habitats this week and the kind of animals we would find there.  We could explain the different conditions of Arctic, Rainforest and Desert habitats and thought about how animals have adapted to survive there.
PE kits have been sent home for a half-term wash... which is a great opportunity to double check pumps still fit and that the children have all the items they need:  a white PE shirt, green shorts, a spare pair of socks, black pumps, grey school hoodie and navy/black jogger bottoms.
It's really important to have a good rest over half term, but please don't forget to continue reading and spelling - the children are showing great progress so it is really important to keep that momentum going!  Have a lovely break.