Year 2 News: 14th June 2018

14th June 2018
Star of the Week:  Theo
Mathematician of the Week:  Aaron
Writer of the Week:  Olivia
Values Champion:  Harry
Literacy:  We have been focusing on perfecting our spelling in our writing this week.  We have thought about the different ways we can spell the /j/ sound using 'dge' and 'ge' and how we can use a 'c' to make the /s/ sound, as long as it is followed by an 'e', 'i' or a 'y'.  We have also been reading and writing lots of Year 2 common exception words.  To help us remember how to spell them, we tried putting similar sounding words into groups.
Maths:  We have been counting in 3s this week... in lots of different ways!  We have been creating our own 100 square jigsaws, ordering our multiples of 3 and even creating huge number lines out on the playground!
Science:  This week we have been naming all the different parts of our brilliant bodies and explaining what they are for.
Topic:  We met Jackie Robinson in our topic and were surprised to hear people didn't want him to play baseball just because of the colour of his skin.  We were very impressed to learn that despite experiencing racism, he showed everyone what an amazing player he was by carrying on playing... and being really, really good!