Year 2 News: 17th January 2019

17th January 2019
Star of the Week:  Xander
Mathematician of the Week:  Isabel
Writer of the Week:  Rex
Values Champion (Endurance):  Josh
We have all begun to plan our own traditional tales in Literacy this week.  Some of us are having a go at planning from scratch, organising our work the way we think is best for us as a starting point for our stories.
There has been lots of learning going on in maths this week!
In CLIC we have been thinking about place value and how we can make our numbers 10 and 100 times bigger.  We know that we don't just "add a zero", we move our number along to the left, then use a zero to hold the place of our ones or tens.
We have also looked at different units to help us measure weight, capacity and time.  We found out that we use grams (g) and kilograms (kg) to measure weight and millilitres (ml) and litres (l) to measure capacity.
We worked out which unit of measure we would use to compare different amounts of liquid and solids, then had a go at doing it ourselves!
Later in the week, we started to think about time and how we can tell if it is quarter past or quarter to the hour.  Some of us used our knowledge of how many minutes are in an hour or half an hour to work out some tricky time problems!
In Science we learned more about MRS NERG and thought about how particular living things survive, using the 7 characteristics of life.
Miss Jones has shown us some videos during snack time that we LOVE!  BBC Supermovers has been helping us with our Maths, but there are lots of others.  Click here to visit the Supermovers pages of the BBC website.