Year 2 News: 17th May 2018

17th May 2018
Star of the Week:  Samantha
Mathematician of the Week:  George
Writer of the Week:  Theo
Values Champion:  Louis
The Quiz Fairy has been busy this week, delivering pencils covered in magic fairy dust and other treats!  She has set us some challenges - maths and reading - but thanks to her magic and our super brain power, we have shown Miss Jones what we know.  She is extremely proud of us all.
We have also been creating collages based on the countries in the British Isles.  We even looked up some of our clans' patterns of tartan.  Tasting some treats from around the British Isles was lots of fun too - we tried teacakes, shortbread and Welsh cakes!  Yum!
In Literacy, we have been writing invitations to a Royal Wedding.  We have used formal and rather grand language, and have had to include all the important information.  We based our invitations on our book, the Pea and the Princess... but we took some tips from Harry and Meghan's invitation!