Year 2 News: 19th April 2018

19th April 2018
We have returned from our Easter break and are ready for the busy term ahead!  This week has been a little bit different as we will only be at school for 3 days - we can't wait for the trip on Friday!
We have been talking as a class about different kinds of worries, how they make us feel and most importantly, what we can do to make ourselves feel better or even take away the worry altogether.
We have been using our class 'Worry Bucket", which holds water (our worries!).  We decided some worries are little (teaspoon worries), some take up a bit more room (cup worries) and others can be quite big (jug worries).  If one of us has a worry, we put it in the bucket and talk about it.
LITERACY:  We have been creating riddles to try and trick Year 1!  We tried very hard not to give the answer away in the first few lines... we wanted to keep them guessing as long as possible!  We added lots of adjectives and connectives.... some of us created subordinate clauses too.
NUMERACY:  It seems very fitting that we have been learning about temperature this week!  We all had the chance to read, record, compare and find the difference between temperatures.  We have also been showing Miss Jones how we can work out one third of a number by sharing our whole, equally between three groups, then counting one of the groups - we would love to show you at home!
SCIENCE:  We learned about what plants need to make them grow and wrote instructions on how to plant a seed.  We used lots of technical words like 'nutrients' and 'absorb'!
Star, Writer, Mathematician and Values Champion of the Week will return from their Easter break next week!