Year 2 News: 20th November 2020

20th November 2020
Star of the Week: George
Mathematician of the Week: Molly
Writer of the Week:  Celine
Rocking Reader: Freddie
Values Champion (Trust): Isabel
Wow!  What a busy week we've had in Year 2!  We had a jam-packed day of science on Wednesday, full of experiments.  By Friday we were all very tired!
We wanted to find out more about materials and how heat changes them.  We wanted to know if those changes were reversible or irreversible.  We used marshmellows, jelly, chocolate and bread then added heat in different ways.   We noticed that some materials stayed solid, some turned into a liquid and that others changed colour.
After we removed the heat, we observed any further changes - some went back to their original form, but others didn't.
We ended the day by recreating a mini version of The Great Fire of London on the playground (thanks to Mr Payne and his bow torch!).  We saw how the wind helped the fire spread, blowing the flames between buildings that were very close together.
Where there was a gap, or the River Thames, the flames couldn't reach.  We know from our topic work that King Charles ordered buildings to be blown up, making gaps to stop the fire.
Maths:  We used what we know about one more and one less to work out ten more or ten less this week.  Then we built on that knowledge to add or subtract other multiples of ten.  We also used our knowledge of place value and noticed that the "ones" doesn't change, but our "tens" stay the same.
Literacy:  We used lots of scientific vocabulary to write up a recount of our Science Day.  We made sure we used factual language and explained how we know what happened, not just what happened!
Earlier in the week, we had used lots of describing words to explain what we saw when Miss Bishop lit a candle in the classroom.  We looked very closely at the colours and shapes that the flame made.
Art:  We finished off our Great Fire of London pictures this week, adding black silhouettes to the hot red, orange and yellow backgrounds.  We have displayed them in the classroom window and think they look very effective!
PE:  Not only did we have a brilliant basketball lesson with Ollie, a super Stellissa session with Stella and Melissa but on Friday, we also enjoyed a live GoNoodle dance session with schools from all around Worcestershire.
PSHCE:  After thinking about emotions that we like to feel and others we'd rather not, we had a lovely chat about how some people feel differently to others when put in the same situation.  Some of us said we like being asked questions in class, whilst others were brave to say they found it a little bit worrying.  We also had different opinions about how it felt to be in the dark.  Some of us think it can be a bit scary when we can't see around us, whilst others said it made them feel calm and chilled.  Whatever we thought, we are learning that emotions are very real to those who have them and we should respect and try to empathise with others, even if we feel differently to them.