Year 2 News: 24th May 2018

24th May 2018
Star of the Week:  ALL of Year 2!
Mathematician of the Week:  Harrison
Writer of the Week:  Harry
Values Champion:  Ethan
It was a star-studded week for Year 2 as the Quiz Fairy recommended that Miss Jones made everyone Stars of the Week for being so fantastic!  She is so impressed with how the children have remembered the skills they have been taught and put them to use every time they were asked.  She also thought their cool and calm attitudes deserved recognition - well done to you all!
In-between the quizzes, Year 2 have been having so much fun this week...
After our Royal Wedding celebratory lunch on Monday, Jim came to coach us in PE - he has been teaching us lots of ball skills this half term, that we put into practice in 3 v 3 games of football.  We can't wait to learn more when we come back from our holiday!
We were treated to a super violin assembly on Tuesday.  Lilly, Samantha, Olivia and Amelia were all involved as they have lessons with Mrs Grainger each week.
We have completed our write-up about our science experiment.  We discovered that if leaves do not get sunlight then they cannot produce chlorophyll.  The leaf that we covered in foil was a different colour to the one that was left uncovered.
On Wednesday and Thursday we enjoyed learning about Claude Monet.  We found out what Impressionism is and how he used it to paint some very famous paintings.  We liked how he used light and shadows to show what time of year or day it was when he was painting.... and were amazed at how huge some of his paintings are!
We experimented using watercolours, discovering how we can change the colours by using more or less water.  Then we tried to create our own Impressionist works of art, by sketching the view from our school garden, then using our watercolours back in the classroom.
In topic, we have been thinking about our local area and the landmarks we see around us.  We tried to think about how we use our environment and the places around us.
Year 2 are really looking forward to ending the week with our weekly Golf PE lesson and a Golden Time party on Friday as we have completed all our quizzes now!  Miss Jones hopes that everyone gets a very well-earned rest over half term, and comes back full of energy!