Year 2 News: 24th October 2019

24th October 2019
Star of the Week:  Toby
Mathematician of the Week:  Neive
Writer of the Week:  Holly
Rocking Reader:  Bentley
Values Champion (Friendship):  All of Year 2 for a FANTASTIC class assembly!
Wow!  What a busy week we have all had!
Firstly, thank you very much to everyone who came to watch our Class Assembly on Friendship last Friday.  We loved acting out our story about Little Monster and hope you enjoyed hearing what we think about friendship.  Our acting skills will come in handy next half term as we start to practise our Nativity!
We were joined by Reverend Morris on Monday as we learned about The Trinity.  After a special assembly, we looked at how we can understand The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit by thinking of an apple (seeds, flesh and skin) or a plait.  We created some of our own plaits and decorated shamrocks, with each leaf representing part of The Trinity.
Forest School was so much fun on Tuesday!  We were joined by Mrs Pincher who is our new Forest School Leader so she could see where we go, what we do and all the fun we have on our outdoor adventures!  We started off with a scavenger hunt, then after our hot chocolate and biscuits got all creative making sculptures, bracelets and weaving using the natural objects we found around us.
On Wednesday we joined Year 1 and other schools from the area at a Multiskills Festival.  We travelled on the coach to Bromsgrove School where lots of wonderful Young Leaders put us through our paces in various activities.  It was so much fun - we all made sure we gave every activity a go and tried our very best.
Thursday was a little bit sad as we said goodbye to Darcy who is going to a new school after half term. We will miss her a great deal, but we know that she will be brilliant in her new class!
Literacy:  we have been trying to tempt Jemima Puddleduck into moving into our nests by writing adverts - a bit like estate agents do - using persuasive language and lots of detail.  Nearby swamps became swimming pools and thorns were handy for security!
Maths:  we have been focusing on "exchanging" to help us add and subtract when we don't have enough "ones" to find the answer.  We know that "exchange" doesn't mean add or take away... it just means making one of our tens easier to handle so we can perform the operation!
We are incredibly grateful to The Friends of Hanbury School who have donated a special rug which is really helping with our focus in lessons.  We all have a place to sit so we can concentrate on what Miss Bishop is teaching us.  We were extremely excited and made sure our shoes were off when we walked around it!
We've all worked so hard this half term - have a lovely, restful break and we will see you back, fresh and ready for another happy half term!