Year 2 News: 25th January 2018

25th January 2018
Star of the Week:  Lilly
Mathematician of the Week:  George
Writer of the Week:  Ashley
Values Champion:  Olivia
LITERACY:  We have been learning about instructions this week.  We looked very closely at our text and found that there are lots of features that we don't find in other types of writing - it has a different structure, simpler sentences and uses lots of time words and bossy verbs!
When we had a go at instructing Miss Jones to make a jam sandwich we found out that instructions also have to be really clear... when we told her to put the butter on, we didn't mean on her head!  We also had a go at following instructions carefully to make sock penguins - you can see the results in the picture below.
NUMERACY:  We investigated how our number bonds can help us work out all kinds of calculations this week.  We realised that we can use them to work out number bonds to 20.  We then made our number bonds 10 times bigger to use them to work out how we can make 100.  We applied this knowledge to come up with lots of ways of making £1... or 100p.
PE:  Miss Jones is very impressed with our passing skills that we have been perfecting in PE recently.  Even though the weather prevented us from going outside, we took our equipment into the hall and put in some more practice.
RE:  We have been thinking about whether somethings can exist, even though we can't see them.  Miss Jones used a balloon to show that even though we can't see air, it is there and affects things around us.  We also thought more about the Muslim faith of Islam and how they take time to pray at different times throughout the day, no matter where they are.
TOPIC:  We watched an amazing video and thought about how animals sometimes can work alone, together or even with other animals, to find the food they need to survive.