Year 2 News: 29th November 2018

29th November 2018
Star of the Week:  Lily-Mae
Mathematician of the Week:  Isla C
Writer of the Week:  Freddie C
Values Champion:  Harry M
We've packed in lots of play rehearsals - we want to make sure you are wowed by our performances next week!
We have also been making some lovely decorations to sell at this Saturday's Christmas Fayre.  We hope you will all come and buy them as it helps raise money for the school.
Literacy:  We have written some fantastic non-chronological reports this week.  We researched facts about the Great Fire of London to produce our work.  We included sub-headings to organise the information for the reader.  We have also been learning about homophones (words that sound the same but that have different spellings or meanings), like 'their / there / they're' or 'knew / new'.  How many can you think of?
Numeracy:  In our starter sessions, we have been using our near number bonds to 10 to help work out calculations.  We have also been doubling 2 digit numbers by partitioning them first!  In our lessons, we learned about measuring length and have been converting metres into centimetres and vice-versa!
PE:  We have been loving our hockey sessions with Ben - it is our last one this week.  We have been putting our skills to the test in 6 v 6 and 7 v 7 games.
Art:  We have been using the techniques of Paul Klee to plan our paintings for next week.  We have used lots of geometric shapes to 'build' a castle on the page.
HeartSmart:  This week we all thought about the word POWER and what it means to us.  We realised that even though we are little, we all have the power to make ourselves and other people HeartSmart Happy!