Year 2 News: 5th March 2020

5th March 2020
Star of the Week:  Ollie B
Mathematician of the Week:  Elijah
Writer of the Week:  Ava
Rocking Reader:  Seb
Values Champion:  Amelia M
Thank you to everyone who came to the Year 2 Information Evening on Wednesday.  Your very kind feedback tells us that you were reassured about the quizzes the children will be enjoying in May... but if you have any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to ask.  Resources given out on the night will be sent home to all those who couldn't make it.
Some of you have already followed our new Twitter page @HanburyYear2!  We enjoy showing you the lovely things we get up to at school and hope this gives us even more opportunities to celebrate the wonderful work we do.  We'd love to hear back from you if you have something to share... maybe you're reading your book somewhere exciting, or are chopping your pizza into halves, quarters or thirds!
Maths:  We have continued to find halves and are now moving on to finding thirds of numbers and objects.  We've noticed that the number on the bottom of the fraction tells us how many groups to split our whole into, so infact, we think we could have a go at working out any fraction!
Literacy:  Our new text, The Way Home for Wolf has provided us with the opportunity to consider how we can work out what a character might be thinking and feeling.  We thought hard about the words Rachel Bright chose when she was writing the book.  We also noticed how she used commas when writing lists.
History:  We came up with different modes of transport and tried to classify them in to whether they were used in the past or the present.  Miss Bishop and Mrs Shaw felt very old when some children put the space shuttle into mode of transport from the past... but could understand why some of you thought it was!  We're looking forward to learning about people who helped invent new kinds of transport that helped make the world a smaller place for us all.
PE:  We had to come inside for our Cricket coaching session on Wednesday as it was rainy and boogied in our pyjamas with Stelissa on Thursday!
World Book Day:  Coming to school in our pyjamas on Thursday was great fun!  We loved sharing stories with other children in our class and our separate houses.  We all helped the school share over 193 stories during the day!
After Big Bookie Breaktime we heard from author, Matt Haig who told us about his book "Evie and the Animals" where a girl can hear the thoughts of animals.  We conducted our own interviews with  "animals" (our friends who pretended to be cats, polar bears, geckos and Tazmanian devils!) and had a go at writing our own stories from the perspective of animals in different styles.  We got to listen to a story at lunchtime, then Mr Payne finished the day off with Wonky Donkey... we loved joining in!