Year 2 News: 7th March 2019

7th March 2019
Star of the Week:  Marcus
Mathematician of the Week:  Xander
Writer of the Week:  Rory
Values Champions (Forgiveness):  Natasha, Isla H
Thank you very much to all the parents who came to the Year 2 meeting this week - it was great to be able to chat about the forthcoming visit from the Quiz Fairy... the children are already very excited about her arrival! 
Homework will look a little bit different from next week, as Miss Jones aims to familiarise everyone with the kind of questions they will be asked in their quizzes.  We want to make sure the children are confident and happy to show us all the wonderful things they know!
Speaking of homework... here is a useful song to help you become great at your grammar!* 
We've been writing our class version of "The Disgusting Sandwich" this week... except we have changed it into "The Disgusting Ice Lolly"!  We have kept some of the ideas, like the repetition but we have changed the disgusting ingredients that our Starving Seagul (instead of Badger) has to face!
In numeracy, we have been learning about arrays and how we can use them to create "Fact Families".  We have been creating and solving multiplication and division facts to match different arrays.  When Mr Payne joined us on Thursday, he was very impressed with how much we could do!
We are using iPads in computing.  We thought about eSafety first, talking about what information we can share and the kind of things we should keep private.  We then logged on to Purple Mash and had a look around the website to see what it has on offer - there is so much to do on there!
Our REAL PE sessions are continuing to be lots of fun too.  We are challenging ourselves each week, and evaluating our own sessions to see if we can get even better.  We are working hard to improve our balance at the moment - we are getting more steady each week!
World Book Day was lots of fun!  Everybody looked fantastic in their costumes and we loved sharing our stories.  After taking time out throughout the day to read our own books, we were treated to the first chapter of Oliver Twist, then Shark in the Park at the end of the day!
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