Year 3 News: 12th March 2020

12th March 2020

Star of the Week:  Lola
Mathematician of the Week:  Rex
Rocking Reader:  Charlotte
Writer of the Week:  Freddie
Values Champion:  Layla 

This week in year 3 we enjoyed a trip to see a Royal Institution lecture, ‘Explosive Food’ at the Hive in Worcester. We learnt all about how scientists calculate how many calories are in foods by creating huge explosions. We also discovered that some people like sprouts and some people hate them and it all depends on whether you can taste a chemical called phenylthiocarbamide or not!

In Literacy we wrote letters to Willy Wonka asking him to free Verruca Salt for a number of reasons such as; her behaviour can be attributed to her parents always giving in to her demands, she’s still young and has time to change her ways, amongst other ideas.

In maths we have been concentrating on data handling, the different ways of displaying data and how we can interpret it.

We have also been learning about the impact of the Pentecost when Jesus left. In Science we have focused on the transportation of water and in Topic we have thought about what we can change about how we live to help other people.