Year 3 News: 14th March 2019

14th March 2019

Star of the Week:  Harrison
Mathematician of the Week:  Leo
Writer of the Week:  Amelia
Values Champion (Forgiveness):  Charlie

A busy week, including preparing our Comic Relief concert – the children are performing 3 Little Birds and it is set to be AMAZING!  We also made board games to celebrate the period of Lent. 

Literacy:  Children have planned their own adventure stories based on our extreme earth topic. We have been escaping from volcanic eruptions, caught up in blizzards and desperately trying to get out of the path of tornadoes!

Maths:  In maths we have started to look at data presentation; pictograms, tally charts, bar charts and tables. We have been representing and interpreting data.

Topic/Art:  In topic, we have looked at the location of the tectonic plates and discussed how earthquakes happen.

Science:  We have been using magnets to make fishing games and investigating how magnets work.

RE:  In RE we have looked at Hindu festivals and celebrations and started planning our Rangoli patterns!

PE:  In PE we have continued with dodgeball and been practising our ball skills in Real PE.