Year 3 News: 18th December 2020

18th December 2020

Star of the Week: Vincent
Mathematician of the Week: Bentley
Rocking Reader: Summer
Writer of the Week: Nora
Values Champion: Ava

Have you heard the amazing news about our Worcestershire Virtual School Games success?  We won the County Primary Poetry Competition!  We also received recognition our silky football skills in 2 other challenges.

Click here for the full story and to see our winning poem!

Here are some of year 3 term 1 highlights from the children:

So far year 3 has been amazingly fun, we have been… making, baking, constructing, writing, reading, doing maths and competitions. Miss MD has been dressed up as a witch, Neptune the Roman God and a robot. We have made a Roman villa it was marvellous but we did have to put it in the recycling bin eventually. All of the teachers, staff, children and everyone in this school are wonderful! I love this school!

So far, I love this year sooooooo much my favourite moment would obviously be school party day! Shall I tell you all about school party day? Yes, all right then, first thing we did was jingle bell rock dance. After that, we did musical statues then we did a game called corners. Then we played musical statues after that we did a singing contest I joined in every round! Then we had lunch and after that, we watched Nativity 1 all the way through!
Noah S

I’ve enjoyed making calendars and writing and doing maths and I’ve enjoyed doing PE and playing with friends and my favourite part was when I was Star of the Week.

I’ve loved it, especially making fun things in art class and playing on the playground and watching people laugh and make jokes.

At forest school we made salt dough and chopped circles of wood it was very fun! Did you hear all about it? We also had a party at school, we played musical statues, corners and had a singing competition and a dancing competition we had so so so so so much fun. The crafts we have done this Christmas have been amazing. I enjoyed making my card I loved it so much and Mrs Guest let us design it all ourselves.