Year 3 News: 8th October 2020

8th October 2020

Star of the Week: Noah W
Mathematician of the Week: Joseph
Writer of the Week: Vincent
Rocking Reader: Oscar
Values Champion (Friendship): Nora

This week in Year 3, we have been looking at instructions. On Monday, we had a visit from a robot who took everything we said literally. Our task was to explain to the robot how to make a jam sandwich. We soon realised that we needed to use very specific language in order to be successful after the robot tried to take the bread outside and put the butter on the bread using its hand!

We have investigated a wide range of instructions and looked at the common features. On Wednesday using a variety of construction materials we created some models and then took turns instructing a partner to recreate what we had made. This proved to be quite tricky! At the end of the week, we wrote our own pirate and ghost themed instructions.

In Maths, we looked at ordering numbers from smallest to greatest and greatest to smallest. We also looked at counting in 50s.

In Topic we learnt about Romulus and Remus and we also made some beautiful Roman pottery, following on, in next week’s literacy lessons we shall be using the skills gained this week to write instructions on how to make them.

R.E this week was the setting for a debate. We discussed the notion that money spent on maintaining churches, could be better-spent supporting good causes. We concluded that many churches of various faiths already do a great deal for charity and where this isn’t the case, improvements could be made, the children used our harvest festival donations as an example of the way the church and community connect.

Yet again, we also enjoyed visits from our sports coach Rhys, Stellissa and our Ukulele teacher! We also took part in Harvest Festival, thank you to all those who donated to the Foodbank collection - we were very proud when Year 3 needed an extra box because we had collected so much.  You are all very kind.

Emperor Claudius would also like to congratulate the following children for their creative shield making skills; Vincent, Hazel, Seb, Toby and Ruby. Neive and Oliver N impressed him with their work on Roman numerals and Jack has even made a model of a chariot race! Neive has also been hired as chief mosaic maker for his Palace.