Year 4 News: 10th May 2018

10th May 2018
Star of the Week:  Harriet
Mathematician of the Week:  Ciaran D
Writer of the Week:  Jacob
Values Champion:  Kieran W
In Tri Golf we learned about the parts of the golf club and that we need to use the "sweet spot" when pitching.  We all improved our "tick-tock" swing and hit the target successfully.
We used personification in our science writing - we had to imagine we were an item of food being consumed and travelling through the digestive system!
We made Mrs Hope proud with our careful listening and considered road crossing on Thursday.  We had a lesson in how to be a safe pedestrian - a skill that we are sure will be useful next year when we move on to Middle School as some of us will be walking there and back ourselves.
Friday sees us travelling by a different method... by bike!  We are looking forward to our Bikeability session!